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updated 20 May 2018
These are our most recent releases:

die Raumschiffwaffe
Felix Kinnersley

Intrigue follows an archaeologist in the Reich's Paranormal Division. After retrieving several ancient artifacts, he begins to see something not right. How are these ancient "items of power" being used for the "master race"?

With the end of the war approaching, he must uncover the secret organization within the power circle before it's too late.

This stuff won't be found in any history books.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

Jim Wayne

A native Briton is captured and sent to Rome as a gladiatrix. During her time in fighting exhibitions, she longs to win her freedom and return home.

She wins her freedom on the same day she discovers her sister, long thought dead, is also a gladiatrix, and she has no interest in returning home.

Both base their decisions on the fallout from the actions of their far more famous mother, Boudica.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Life and the Paranormal
Gokay Yousuf

A treatise on the paranormal from a very personal perspective derived from events in the life of the author that have given validity to his views about the paranormal and its impact on the world we normally see.

It is the personal experiences that must guide us in lieu of scientific evidence.

Until the latter is found to be discoverable, it is the personal experiences alone on which we can rely.

Available at Amazon - $2.99

Richard Gaunt

The director of America's favorite televised ghosthunters show is trying to uncover the truth about paranormal visitations and life after death but only through scientific means.

Using psychics is a complete and utter waste of time, in his mind.

After several cases, he is finally thrown in with a psychic and learns more than he ever expected: sometimes publishable evidence is overrated, it seems.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Just Wait Until Next Year
Carlton Welsh

As another football season starts out poorly for your favorite team, one can fall back on the age old attitude that the future still looks rosy what with the next draft, the possible free agentry, and the golden glow attached to next season.

This volume offers hope to those fans of teams a bit long in the tooth in their search for that elusive Super Bowl win.

Cheer up! You've got company.

Available at Amazon - $3.99

And after almost two years since its release,
this award-winning volume is
still our best selling item.

Prayerman: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light
by Stan Dane
Undoubtedly the most important evidence on the JFK assassination case for the past fifty years!

Through logic and deductive reasoning, through meticulous examination of the documentary evidence, Sean Murphy presented this case on a JFK assassination forum in 2013. Stan Dane has condensed the presentation originally presented over several months' time into an easy-to-follow format.

Both Sean's arguments and the rebuttals against the theory by other researchers are presented in a cohesive and cogent manner.

A must read for any conspiracy researcher!

Available on Kindle - $8.97
Available in Paperback - $16.97

Eighteen Pages More
by C. Fenway Braxton

C. Fenway Braxton's convoluted tale of the Lincoln Assassination and the search for Booth continues in the exciting sequel. It is in preparation now and should be available next summer and finds the same two investigators (Booth and the reporter Etheridge) still looking for the answers to what really happened that night in Ford's Theater.

Mr. Braxton says he does not foresee a third volume in the set.

Heroes of Bedlam
by Gretchen Dinwiddie

A new doctor arrives at Bethlem Hospital in London to help the patients with their mental problems only to discover many of their problems are not mental at all.

Convolute Prine
by Erik von Gondwanis

Erik von Gondwanis brings us a rather unusual science fiction tale than seems more like metaphysical fantasy the traditional science fiction. However you categorize it, the subtitle is "the Battle for the Afterlife" and you can imagine what that might entail.

Conversations with the Almighty
by James Allocar

Derived from the topics in his blog of the same name, James Allocar tries to shed a little light on exactly what atheism is. Not the cut and dry definitions found in the dictionary, wikipedia, or in some Skeptic publications. It is an eye-opening look on how the "other side" views life.

On the Head of a Pin
by Marty Wilkerson

A telephone operator with the American Embassy in Paris is pressured into acting as a go-between in a rushed political swap of a defecting Al Qaeda operative.

R - 3 - R
by Wesley Thanderin

Angela Parsons visits her grandfather, a retired Scotland Yard inspector, during summer break.

She had no idea it would bring her beyond the classroom into a hands-on bit of criminal investigation while they try to clear up a strange case of serial killings that seem to span centuries.

And the reason for the rush is that the next victim could be very high in the Royal Family.

Sights to see on the red planet.

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