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updated 7 March 2016

Collection One
by the Authors at Martian Publishing
Tasked with writing a short story in the genre of Science Fiction/Fantasy, many of our authors have risen to the challenge.

Some, probably, better than others but most of the tales have a sciency tone to them, at least.

Hopefully it will entertain well enough that we can do it again in the future.
Available on Kindle - $3.99


Conspiracy: A Beginner's Manual
by Eleanor Van Dorfft
Everything (well, almost) anyone needs to know about conspiracy and conspiracy theory. The subkect is broken down and examined from different angles by a researcher on the subject for more than fifty years.

Some of her takes on the subject may astound or alarm some but the overall tone is more academic than panicked, more focused than paranoic.

Whether you conceive of an all-encompassing conspiracy or one of very small potatoes, you will find something of interest in this volume. Whether you are an experienced theorist or a relative newcomer, there are insights aplenty as the light is shown into all the darkened corners of the subject.

One may not agree with her final analysis but the tools needed for such a study are clearly delineated.
Available on Kindle - $3.99

Prayerman: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light
by Stan Dane
Undoubtedly the most important evidence on the JFK assassination case for the past fifty years!

Through logic and deductive reasoning, through meticulous examination of the documentary evidence, Sean Murphy presented this case on a JFK assassination forum in 2013. Stan Dane has condensed the presentation originally presented over several months' time into an easy-to-follow format.

Both Sean's arguments and the rebuttals against the theory by other researchers are presented in a cohesive and cogent manner.

A must read for any conspiracy researcher!
Available on Kindle - $8.97
Available in Paperback - $16.97

the Plot to Kill John Wilkes Booth
by C. Fenway Braxton
Otto Eisenschimyl shocked the world by accusing Secretary of War Edwin Stanton in the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln. Mainstream historian's have always dismissed his charges. They claim the Confederate government was the mastermind behind the plot. This volume attempts to show both sides in that debate are wrong. On one side, Eisenschimyl misread Stanton's actions and, on the other, historians are no closer to proving the Confederate connection than when it was claimed almost a century-and-a-half ago. The question hinges on motives. Once one understands the motives behind Stanton's actions, they make perfect sense. On Booth's side, it is the lack of a cohesive motive that has kept the historians at drift since the assassination. No one has yet come forward with a solid motive for the actor's insane act. Perhaps by putting both of these investigations together in one place, and shaking well, we can begin to make a little sense out of the ages-old confusion that is the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
Available on Kindle - $4.99
Available on Nook - $4.99
Available on Smashwords - $4.99

the Plot to Kill Lee Harvey Oswald
by C. Fenway Braxton
Continuing the type of investigation he began in the Plot to Kill John Wilkes Booth, Fenway Braxton attempts to sort out the convoluted miasma that is the Kennedy Assassination. As with the former volume, he views the case from the reasons for the mandated death of the alleged assassin.

Many have pointed out the parallels between the two cases over the years but in this volume we find the parallels go so much farther than a cursory glance revealed. Conspiracy researchers may enjoy poking around in this one.

Planned for release at the 50th anniversary of the assassination, it will be out shortly.


the Young Wizard
by Norman X. Scozzafova
Anaboraxus is being sent to apprentice as a goldsmith in the Imperial capital. After being attacked by highwaymen and his group of travelers is scattered, Anaboraxus finds himself lost in the woods, in the dark. Strangers and take him to their home, underground. And the reason they hide is that they are being hunted for doing magic! He joins, unknowingly bringing their enemies to their doorstep.
Available on Kindle - $5.99
Available on Nook - $5.99
Available on Smashwords - $5.99

the Science Reporter
by Rod Martin
A collection of short stories by the late sci-fi author, Rod Martin. The first four deal with a science reporter and his amazing reports that turn the FBS (Federal Science Bureau) on its head. With each successive tale, the reporter seems to be getting closer and closer to being fired for reporting on this that obviously exist but could in no way be called "scientific". The final three stories move further from the scientific reporting into the realm of the fantastic. Readers of his "How to Build a Starcruiser" may find these tales a humorous prequel, of sorts.
Available on Kindle - $3.99
Available on Nook - $3.99
Available on Smashwords - $3.99

Fountable II
by Terry Martin
Tervan and his math-wizard companions find that though they have escaped exile, they are far from being free and the future of their transport technology is in jeopardy. They decide to return to Polaxar and petition the new Emperor to rescind their exile and allow them the freedom to return to their normal lives. Only thing, the Emperor appears to have gone into seclusion and whoever is running the Empire seems to have their own agenda. People are living in fear but it is whispered on the streets that the strange guy who eloped with the Princess was going to return and right the ship of state again. Tervan wonders where such a strange idea started because he has absolutely no interest in politics. And if he could just locate the Emperor and get his petition signed, he could vacate the place and let the Empire get along without him. But he is not about to be that lucky.
Available on Kindle - $7.99
Available on Nook - $7.99
Available on Smashwords - $7.99

Assault on Hell
by Volk Presmaren

Volk Presmaren's original script (which found no home in Hollywood) has been adapted for print (or digital print) media.

The US military has discovered the realm we know as Hell is actually a parallel dimension from which demons have harmed humans for centuries. Now there seems to have been a dimensional rip and a permanent doorway has opened between the two.

Taking the battle into the streets of Hell itself, the Generals think to defeat Satan once and for all.

One soldier notes this whole thing has wrong written all over it in seventeen different languages, but his superior officers don't seem to see anything wrong with their plan.

Over the Wall
by Terry Wayne Martin

Terry has finished a non-Fountable novel and it should be completed processing, proofing, etc shortly.

A trio of young men escape impending disaster in their small cloistered village and venture into the vast unknown only to find it is not the terrible place they had always been told.

In fact, it seems almost as if everything in their world had been lies. But to what purpose? What was the point?

Then they discover there are other raised villages in the same predicament. The realization comes slowly what the meaning of their life has really been.

Now, should they try and save the neighbors they left behind? Two of the boys say no.


Beamish Boys
by Leif Baumann
There is a strange and fearsome creature terrorizing the forest near the village and young Albert heads out to kill the Jabberwock and perhaps win the adoration of his father. The adventure finds him overcoming several obstacles before he finally confronts the beast. Has he really enough courage to stand against the unknown even with such a vorpal sword in his hands?
Available on Kindle - $3.99
Available on Nook - $3.99
Available on Smashwords - $3.99


Just Wait Until Next Year
by Carlton Welsh

Sports fans are soooooo hopeful at the start of the season only to realize all too soon that this is another season of loss.

Here Carlton laments the fate of football fans and their Super Bowl filled dreams that come crashing down all too soon.

At least they can smile somewhat sadly and say. "It looks miserable now but just wait until next year."


by Richard P. Gaunt

Planned for Halloween 2016 release.

Richard P. Gaunt's novel about a ghosthunting group with a television show. It follows several of their investigations and examines how the pressures affect the various members of the team.

He is already at work on sequels.


Eighteen Pages More
by C. Fenway Braxton

C. Fenway Braxton's convoluted tale of the Lincoln Assassination and the search for Booth continues in the exciting sequel. It is in preparation now and should be available next summer and finds the same two investigators (Booth and the reporter Etheridge) still looking for the answers to what really happened that night in Ford's Theater.

Mr. Braxton says he does not foresee a third volume in the set.

by Jim Wayne

A novel dealing with the Roman province of Britannia and the fallout from an early attempt at freedom staged by the warrior queen, Boudica.


Convolute Prine
by Erik von Gondwanis

Erik von Gondwanis brings us a rather unusual science fiction tale than seems more like metaphysical fantasy the traditional science fiction. However you categorize it, the subtitle is "the Battle for the Afterlife" and you can imagine what that might entail.


Conversations with the Almighty
by James Allocar

Derived from the topics in his blog of the same name, James Allocar tries to shed a little light on exactly what atheism is. Not the cut and dry definitions found in the dictionary, wikipedia, or in some Skeptic publications. It is an eye-opening look on how the "other side" views life.


On the Head of a Pin
by Marty Wilkerson

A telephone operator with the American Embassy in Paris is pressured into acting as a go-between in a rushed political swap of a defecting Al Qaeda operative.


R - 3 - R
by Wesley Thanderin

Angela Parsons visits her grandfather, a retired Scotland Yard inspector, during summer break.

She had no idea it would bring her beyond the classroom into a hands-on bit of criminal investigation while they try to clear up a strange case of serial killings that seem to span centuries.

And the reason for the rush is that the next victim could be very high in the Royal Family.

Mr. Thanderin is already busy on the sequel to this volume featuring the same central character.

Sights to see on the red planet.

A little Martian Humor...

a sample can be seen at our Facebook page but some of it will certainly spill over to here (as soon as the Boss okays the stuff).

Why MARTIAN PUBLISHING? It actually began as a joke - many years ago - on the Martin family name. A lot of people thought we were just a little bit weird and so began accusing us from being "Martian" rather than "Martin". So, the old joke has been given new life. Though I would imagine a few riends will simply nod knowingly and say, "I knew it all along."

Most of the authors here at Martian have come over from VERBOTHAM (dot) com. On moving to Northern Virginia from Flagstaff, Arizona, I was happy to come across a writers' club. And the strangest part, the head of the group, Ignatz Verbotham (namesake of the website), was a Swede and friend of John Dalmas, author and head of the similar group I was involved with in Flagstaff. Both my older brother and my late father each published a volume with Mister Dalmas and he has been a family friend for many years.

My father, Rod Martin (1928-1992), published a novel before he started the IN-DYN Foundation to publish his non-fiction works. He published two before his passing twenty years ago. And, so, in a way of thinking, MARTIAN PUBLISHING is a continuation of his earlier goal to have his other works published.

And, yes, we have all of Rod Martin's works available (except the one previously published by Baen).

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