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Many say the Mayans foresaw the world ending on 12/20/2012.
Ancient texts and Mayan myths have been rifled through to understand
what marvels had brought them to this dire (for us) conclusion.

Some of the more mystical minded see this only as some spiritual convergence
whereby the entire planet will merely pass into some new "Golden Era"
on that date rather than bringing about the end of life as we know it.

Wiping aside the end-of-the-world-crackpots and the new-age-snake-potion-salesmen,
would it not be better to look at what the Mayans actually said themselves
before we start racing around like heads with our chickens chopped off?

The Mayans were very explicit about what the ending of their calendar meant.

The reasons it has been overlooked is that what they saw defies modern thought
and yet it necessitates a deeper look at what we really understand of history.

As bizarre as the truth may seem, is it any more bizarre than what's generally believed?

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