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Why MARTIAN PUBLISHING? It actually began as a joke - many years ago - on the Martin family name. A lot of people thought we were just a little bit weird and so began accusing us from being "Martian" rather than "Martin". So, the old joke has been given new life. Though I would imagine a few riends will simply nod knowingly and say, "I knew it all along."

Most of the authors here at Martian have come over from VERBOTHAM (dot) com. On moving to Northern Virginia from Flagstaff, Arizona, I was happy to come across a writers' club. And the strangest part, the head of the group, Ignatz Verbotham (namesake of the website), was a Swede and friend of the late John Dalmas (penname of John R. Jones, 1926-2017), author and head of the similar group I was involved with in Flagstaff. Both my older brother and my late father each published a volume with Mister Dalmas and he had been a family friend for many years.

My father, Rod Martin (1928-1992), published a novel before he started the IN-DYN Foundation to publish his non-fiction works. He published two before his passing twenty years before the birth of this company. And, so, in a way of thinking, MARTIAN PUBLISHING is a continuation of his earlier goal to have his other works published.

And, yes, we have all of Rod Martin's works available (except the one previously published by Baen).

That was the Boss' tale on how this all started...

There's a little more to the tale than that, however.

In the writers' group was an author, R. S. Marshal, whose book on the Mayan Calendar was not picked up by any publisher. He had done radio shows on the subject and had a rather successful blog (well, considering the oblique material...) but could not find a publisher after four years of trying. So, the writers of the group proposed they form a company to publish the volume digitally.

Once the ball got rolling, others piled on their manuscripts as well and the rest, as they say is history... (well, history and a huge pile of manuscripts to shovel through!)

As to the present operations of this enterprise, to say it operates on a shoe-string budget would be overly generous, if not to say extravagant!

We have one fellow who wanders in several times a week to do odd jobs around the place, primarily the mail and calls himself "the Mail Room Dude" (for Starbucks money, I believe; and he calls everyone "dude") and the "editorial staff" (authors who help with other authors' books while working on their own material), and the recently hired "Marketing Dude" (myself) who drops in when I can between classes at the local community college. [I'm pretty sure this job is what HR people would call "real world experience"... even if only marginally so.]

We don't have an accounting staff. The Boss takes care of that - with prodigious references to his fingers - and a lot of cursing. But he does seem to be about the only other person here and it's almost 24/7 with that guy.

Which reminds me, I have to talk to Mail Room Dude about grabbing a broom or something. The dust-bunnies are threatening an overthrow in my office.

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