Martian Funnies

This is a sample of Martian humor...
and it makes one wonder what passes for humor
among the denizens of that realm, eh?

a photo of the offices after a pretty wild Mardi Gras party in 2012
(I'm not sure how many of those employees are still here...)

a personal photo the Boss took when the family went to see the sights in D.C.

and another photo from that same vacation...

the Spirit rover finds a welcoming committee on Mars

Curiosity found the same group... heh-heh

No, I checked...
this was NOT intended to be an ad for a certain merchandizing store.

Yes, we have meetings at Martian Publishing
and they're probably as boring as anywhere else!

Well, these people certainly have their driving priorities straight!
(thanks to author Carlton Welsh for this one!)

A prophetic vision of Mars, 2032

More will be coming, as soon as something else tickles our funny bones.

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